Mobile Hydration Infusion

re·viv·i·fy - To give new life or vigor to

Revivify is a mobile hydration infusion company that services young professionals and athletes, whether the need is from dehydration after a strenuous workout or a rough night of partying. 



Concierge Service

Revivify is a mobile IV hydration company. We provide in-home IV infusions which allow our clients to quickly recover from a strenuous workout regimen or after a long business trip. We infuse our clients with essential fluids, electrolytes, vitamins and antioxidants to maximize recovery from the physical wear and tear our bodies experience. Are you an athlete that performs at the top level each and every night? Do you need to be rehydrated due to jet lag and the need to recover quickly for the next day? Revivify is the discreet, concierge hydration service for you. Book an appointment today!



There is a list of Banned Substances for each league below. We want to be open with you about what you are getting in your IV while in the comfort of your own home/hotel. Let us come to you (we travel..inquire here for prices and arrangements) and help you recover quickly to prolong your career.